School Assembly

Assembly takes place Friday afternoons at 3:00pm in the multi-purpose room, or occasionally, outside. Assembly is a formal occasion, giving both students and teachers an update on current news and issues pertaining to the school – featuring announcements, the awarding of Student of the Week for each classroom, and often, presentations and performances are presented by the students.

Junior School Council and School Captains are involved, enhancing their public speaking skills and reinforcing leadership ability. After the formalities, it is not unusual to have a less informal end to assembly with music and singing – leaving everyone in high spirits to end their week at school.

Due to the increased size of the school this year space is now very limited during our student assemblies. We kindly request that our student assemblies now be an ‘invite only’ event. You will be informed during the week if your child is receiving an award or receiving special recognition in order for you to attend.

Invited parents must enter the school grounds via the Kent Street gate, nearest the multipurpose room, and enter through the glass doors from 2:45pm. Please do not enter the school grounds during lunch time. Assembly starts at approximately 3:00 pm.
Mobile phones are to be turned off during assembly. We ask that you are respectful of those speaking or performing, and keep noise to a minimum.

Mr Hunt at assembly