Community Consultation

Community Consultation

Every 3-4 years a school will undergo a review as part of its accountability process

In 2013 YPS underwent its latest community consultation. The next review will be around 2018.

This is a significant event as it means that parents can have input into the future direction of the school.
School Council would like to know what you believe is important for your child’s education:

  • What programs give your child the best future opportunities?
  • How do you prioritise programs given limited resources?
  • How do we give your child an educational advantage?

This consultation gives you the opportunity to share your views and thoughts through an open, transparent and inclusive process.

The consultation will be facilitated by Dr Jane Kovacs from Quality Learning Australia.

Your information combined with the data collected from students and staff will be used to develop our next Strategic Plan (or Compact).

Your views are important to us so we hope you can come along to help build an exciting future for your children.
To help you consider the educational possibilities I have provided the following documents for your information:


PDF Yarra PS Community Shared Direction Workshop Slides (PDF)