Our curriculum is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) which is the Victorian school education document that provides schools with the guidelines to build programs that will meet the needs of the students they teach.

Integrated Curriculum

An integrated approach to our curriculum, resulting in the development of a two-year Integrated Curriculum Plan, is a relevant way to connect and relate areas of the curriculum. It ensures that all areas are covered while preventing repetition of topics. An integrated curriculum is engaging and challenges children at their individual levels of achievement.

Composite Classes

Most of our classes are multi-age groups. We have found that this organisation of students greatly enhances their learning outcomes because teachers present curriculum in a manner that caters for mixed abilities across the grade.  Multi-age groups allow for more flexibility in grade placement for individual children.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

We consider personal development to be a vital part of every child's education, and our aim is to make experiences in all areas of learning as pleasurable as possible. To achieve this, social & emotional development is also important. We have developed a “values education” program across the school.

Curriculum Classes