Leadership & Social Skills

Leadership & Social Skills

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a program that teaches senior students conflict resolution skills so that they can support other children in the yard to solve their own problems.


Captains are students who are selected by staff to be the public face of YPS. They have demonstrated excellent attitudes in civics and citizenship and show leadership and team-building sills and attributes.

Environmental Leaders

Having a focus on eco-sustainability, our Environmental Leaders help to support programs and policies across the school. This includes such things as: composting, recycling, looking after the kitchen-garden, and promoting waste minimisation.

Young Leaders program

All grade 6 students to attend the National Young Leaders Day on 12th March. This will provide knowledge and understanding about their roles as senior students at YPS and will help to prepare them for secondary school next year.

Junior School Council

This committee is a democratically elected body from Grades P-6. These students represent the student body and make recommendations to School Council about issues that are important to students. JSC also plays a pivotal role in raising funds for various charities.