Music flows through Integrated Curriculum at Yarra Primary

We are fortunate to have the wonderful creative music talents of Alex Werner (Melbourne alternative rock musician and YPS teacher) and Caroline Lawrence (Junior school performances coordinator) who inspire and share their love of music with the students through many aspects of the students learning.

As well as music through our integrated curriculum, extra music opportunities for students are:

  • ABC Music School extracurricular programs during school hours
  • A Whole School Musical/Performance – alternate years
  • Arts Week – alternate years
  • Assembly performances
  • concerts and special events within the community

ABC Extracurricular Music Programs

Learn keyboard, guitar, or drums here at Yarra Primary School. ABC Music for Schools conducts a School Music Program of small group classes each week here at the school.

The music programs enable students:
• excellent grounding in music
• learn to read music
• play their chosen instrument

from $135/Term (payable at the start of each term)
Enrolment dates: Lessons can be started any time during the school year
Enrolment forms: From the School Front Office
Enquiries: ABC Music for Schools on 9427 8049