Through our exemplary Numeracy program, students gain an understanding and confidence with mathematical concepts, processes and strategies, and the capacity to use these in problem solving.

Mathematical concepts are taught using innovative learning strategies, such as pictorial representation, and real life construction, and expressed through everyday language to develop the child's ability to recognise maths in everyday situations.

Through an engaging curriculum, children are encourage to develop positive attitudes towards Numeracy and to acquire the necessary skills to equip them well for their future education.

All students are monitored and assessed against the expectations of the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (AusVELS).

Standards in the AUSVELS Mathematics domain are organised in five dimensions: 

  • Number – developing students’ understanding of counting, magnitude and order
  • Space developing students’ understanding of shape and location
  • Measurement, chance and data developing students’ understanding of unit, measure and error, chance and likelihood and inference
  • Structure developing students’ understanding of set, logic, function and algebra
  • Working mathematically developing students’ sense of mathematical inquiry: problem posing and problem solving, modelling and investigation

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