Our Vision

Our Vision

  • To ensure a positive learning experience for all children within a safe and healthy school environment;
  • to provide a vibrant and engaging curriculum; and
  • to foster a happy and supportive community spirit.

Our Values

  • There will be mutual respect between all members of the school community.
  • The needs of the children are our priority.
  • Successful learning and teaching is an expectation.
  • The children should be engaged positively in their learning and interactions.
  • The children need to be safe and not feel threatened by others.
  • A stimulating and interesting work environment will be maintained.
  • Environmental sustainability is a priority across the school.
  • Supportive teamwork is respected.
  • Recognition and acceptance of differences in ability, race, religion and beliefs of others is important.

Throughout the school, we provide the children with a stimulating learning environment where reading, writing, mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving, cooperative and independent learning are given high priority. We expect the children will develop positive attitudes towards their learning and towards themselves as learners. Our  School's Strategic Plan (pdf download) outlines our goals and how we will achieve them. It also includes key improvement strategies. In addition to the children's intellectual development, we aim to contribute in a positive way to their social, emotional and physical development.

Everyone at our school has the right:

  • to be safe
  • to learn and do their work
  • to feel comfortable and be happy
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