Caring for our students

Playground safety


Road safety


Personal safety


Every attempt is made to ensure that Yarra Primary School is a safe and secure environment for children. Our Student Welfare and Discipline Policy has been developed in consultation with the children to address concerns they had about unpleasant and dangerous behaviour. Yarra Primary School has an exemplary record for student safety since this policy and the Students' Rights and Responsibility Book was introduced.

Caring for Our Students

Teachers are on yard duty from 8:45am until 3:45pm and at all recess breaks during the day. Parents/carers are requested to ensure children are not in the school grounds unaccompanied by an adult outside these times.

An Out of School Hours Care program is available to care for our students before and after school hours. Children who have not been collected by 3:45pm will be sent to this program to ensure their safety and parents/carers may be required to pay for this care if not already part of the program.

Child to Adult ratio requirements are usually exceeded on excursions and camps and no teacher takes children outside the school grounds alone. A mobile phone is taken on excursions and school camps to ensure assistance in an emergency.

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours. If a child is to be collected during these hours, especially during lunch times, a note is required from the parent/carer and the adult collecting the child must see the class teacher or the School Principal. You will be contacted if staff have any concerns about your child being removed from the school.

Where custody or restraining orders exist, a current copy must be held by the Principal or a parent/carer cannot be refused access or custody of a child. We act with discretion at all times and your privacy will be protected.

Current Police Checks are a requirement for all people working with children including volunteers.

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Playground Safety

In the interests of the children's safety, some toys and recreational equipment have been banned from use during school hours. Skates, rollerblades, skateboards, etc are not safe with so many children around. Pocket knives are also banned.

The school has a policy of non-violent toys so all weapons, guns, swords, slingshots, (toy or replica) are banned.

Parents are also advised to monitor carefully what their children bring to school as precious toys and other valuable and fragile possessions can be damaged or lost which causes great heartbreak. Some things simply do not belong at school and we cannot accept responsibility for tragic incidents of this kind.

Occasionally the latest 'craze', eg collectible cards, will also be banned to prevent unfair swapping or pilfering.

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Children are expected to be dressed appropriately for school activities, especially for sport and Physical Education class. The school uniform has been developed with safety in mind for active children.

Footwear, in particular, needs to be chosen with care and solid school shoes are recommended for both protection and durability. Sandals must have enclosed toes and thongs/flip-flops and high heels are not to be worn for safety reasons. Children are expected to wear hats and sunscreen in terms 1 and 4.

Road Safety

Children walking to school are expected to use pedestrian crossings and follow the Safe Routes signs. There are crossings with Safety Officers in Buckingham, Davison and Burnley Streets. Victoria Street has a crossing with traffic lights.

Parents/carers dropping children off at the school are expected to abide by traffic regulations related to these crossings and to parking around the school, and to generally show common-sense in an area where there are many children.

It is strongly advised that children in the junior years are brought to and from school by adults or responsible older brothers and sisters. It is also wise to ensure that an adult is at home when children return from school. Primary age children should not go home to empty houses.

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We encourage children to develop safe bicycle riding skills and habits. The school, while not accepting responsibility for bikes at school, does provide bike racks within the grounds. We expect all children to wear approved helmets and bike riding parents/carers to set an appropriate example. The riding of bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades within the school grounds is not permitted for safety reasons.

Personal Safety

Developing awareness of personal safety is part of the Health & Physical Education key learning area and these matters will be dealt with as part of general classroom activities in an appropriate, practical and unsensational manner in all classes. There are strong links made between personal safety, protective behaviours and children's rights to feel safe.

We expect parents/carers to warn their children about accepting rides or 'help' from people they do not know and helping them to understand that it is alright to tell if they are scared or unhappy.

Teachers are obliged by law to make notification where children disclose abuse. Such disclosures are always taken seriously. A supportive and sensitive process has been developed in the school should this occur.

The school works with you to develop in your child a strong sense of self and personal skills, such as conflict resolution, which gives them the ability to care for and protect themselves, and respect and care for others. Aggressive behaviour and bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

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