School Council

School Council

The School Council is the legally-constituted body responsible for the effective and efficient running of the school. Its members are elected from the school community with representatives of the parents/carers and general community, and the staff members of the school. The School Principal is an ex officio member and acts as the Executive Officer of the Council.


The Council has responsibility for the following:

  • Determine the general educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Minister for Education
  • Exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds, and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition
  • Make any recommendations it thinks necessary for the replacement, extension or alteration of any buildings, and for improvements to the buildings and grounds
  • Provide for the necessary cleaning and sanitary services
  • Ensure that all monies coming into the hands of the Council are expended for proper purposes;
    Generally stimulate interest in the school
  • Keep financial accounts as directed by the Directorate and publish an audited statement of receipts and payments each year.

The Council also, within the guidelines and limits set down by the governing legislation, undertakes various activities for the purpose of maintaining and furthering the interests of the school. Fundraising and the hire of school facilities are examples of this.

The School Council has delegated its responsibilities and coordinates a number of committees.

Election to Council

All parents/carers of children at the school are eligible for nomination to Council, with those elected usually serving a two-year term. Elections are held in the school according to Education Act guidelines.

Meeting Times

School Council meets monthly on the second Wednesday at 7:45am. A Public Reporting meeting will be held each year to present the annual report and to celebrate and recognise the school’s achievements as well as to acknowledge those who have contributed to the school over the past year. This meeting, as are all Council meetings, is open to the school community to observe. Members of Council are always ready to listen to any concerns and suggestions you may have and take them to Council for discussion.

School Committees

School Council has delegated responsibility to a number of subcommittees which collect information, organise activities, develop plans and strategies and bring suggestions to Council. Members of School Council coordinate these committees and all parents/carers are welcome to become involved.


Edwina Bolger

Joint Use Agreement & Grounds

Justin Crawford

Parent Engagement (Please note this is NOT Parent Club)

Katie McMillan

ICT & Communications

Peter Brace


Tammy Jensen


Colin Prasad (Treasurer)

Teacher Councillors

Sam Fenton

Valetta McDonald

Our School Council President for 2017 will continue to be Edwina Bolger and she is an ex-officio member of all sub-committees as is the Principal (Tracy Hammill).

School Council queries can be directed to either:
Edwina Bolger or
Tracy Hammill