School Profile

School Profile

Through exploration, creativity & discovery, Yarra Primary School provides a nurturing environment which caters for individual student needs, enabling them to achieve their best and ultimately succeed in life.

With the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at YPS, we have a vibrant and engaging curriculum with a focus on eco-sustainability – creating social, physical, moral and intellectual development.

Along with teaching core disciplines such as English, mathematics, science, languages other than English (LOTE), the arts and humanities, YPS also offers extra curricular music and sports programs.

  • Sustainable School for the Future
    At Yarra Primary School, many initiatives have been introduced as we strive towards becoming a more environmentally friendly school.
  • Facilities
    Providing a rich learning environment with plenty of space to explore and learn.
  • From the Principal
    A brief word about our vibrant school community.
  • History
    The heritage-classified school has been at the site since 1888.
  • Location
    Yarra Primary is situated in a thriving Richmond community.
  • Our Vision
    In addition to the children's intellectual development, we aim to contribute in a positive way to their social, emotional and physical development.
  • School Council
    An elected group of school staff and parents who oversee the planning of Yarra Primary's future.


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