Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Better Buddies

Yarra Primary School supports and promotes The Alannah and Madeline Foundation's Better Buddies initiative – designed to create and foster a friendly and caring community where bullying is reduced.

In Better Buddies, older children buddy up with younger children and learn the values:

  • caring for others
  • friendliness
  • respect
  • valuing differences
  • including others
  • responsibility through formal and informal activities

Better Buddies enables yonger buddies to feel safe and cared for while older students feel valued and respected. Buddy Bear is the mascot of Better Buddies.

You Can Do It

This program aims to support emotional and social development from Grades P-6 and encourages students to think through different social and ethical situations in order to make well-based judgements about their individual and collective behaviours.

It aims to help students develop the essential social skills of:

  • confidence 
  • organisation
  • persistence
  • getting along
  • overall resilience

Go for your life

Is a state government initiative that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. At Yarra Primary we support the fundamental principles through encouraging healthy eating, engaging in physical activity, being aware of our impact on our environment through participating in eco-sustainable practices, and valuing our natural environment through growing fruits and vegetables for our Kitchen Garden Program.