Sustainable School for the Future

Sustainable School for the Future

At Yarra Primary School, many initiatives have been introduced as we strive towards certification as a 5 Star ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic School. We are a community committed to becoming a more environmentally friendly school by implementing better sustainability practices, along with furthering our knowledge about sustainability issues and finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

We are proud of:

  • Gaining accreditation as a Waste Wise school
  • Working towards 5Star Accredited as a Sustainable School
  • Implementing a rubbish free lunch culture throughout the school (in planning)
  • Buying worm farms for composting organic waste
  • Having a Kitchen Garden used for cooking sessions (lunches)
  • Planting a Rain Garden in the school grounds (watered from rain run-off)
  • Implementing an EYT (extend your talents) Green Team
  • Students regularly report on environmental issues in the school newsletter
  • Participating in Schools Tree Day
  • Participating in Ride to Work Day and Walk Safely to School Day
  • Developing curriculum incorporating sustainability
  • Joining the Water Learn it Live it program
  • Implementing buckets under water bubblers to avoid wasting water
  • Installing flow restricters in toilets
  • Placing Recycle/Reuse bins in every work space
  • Investigating installing solar energy hot water for kitchen/canteen
  • Regularly mulching school garden beds
  • Having community working bees
  • Students participating in planting within the school
  • Professional development for staff on sustainability issues
  • Implementing ‘Work for Water Week’
  • Working towards implementing changes that were recommended by water and energy audits
  • Joining the SWEP Program
  • Taking part in the Rain Gardens in Schools Project
  • Implementing lunch time garden related activities (Tues-Thurs)
  • Environment Captains Aid Leaders
  • Tree Planting Day

More information can be found at the CERES Sustainability Hub.

Round 3 Australian Government Community Water Grant

Water tank

Save Energy

Water - Learn it! Live it! School

Schools Water Efficiency Program