Victorian Schools' Garden Award

Victorian Schools' Garden Award

Northern Metropolitan Region Winners

Yarra Primary School is the proud winner of the NMR Victorian Schools' Garden Awards for 2009.

On October 30th we were visited by the judges who flew in via a $4mil helicopter which landed on the School's basketball court. After introducing themselves and showing off the magnificent helicopter to an enthusiastic crowd of students, teachers, parents and friends, they proceeded to walk around looking at our school and its gardens to determine the State Garden Award winner.

It was a very exciting morning for all that attended the school and for the YPS community.

Awards Ceremony

The whole school attended the awards ceremony on Wednesday December 2nd which was held in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

Yarra Primary School was awarded 2 awards: The Northern Metropolitan Region Award and the Catholic Education Office Merit Award. A wonderful achievement for the YPS community.

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Message from the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

"... our warmest congratulations on your success in the Northern Regional Schools' Garden Award! We are so excited to hear this news and incredibly proud of you and your school communities achievement in the Program. Please pass on our best wishes to the children and staff team."

Helicopter landing

Helicopter viewing

Helicopter taking off