Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Yarra Primary school is a highly creative school with many enthusiastic, talented children. The community is looking forward to the students’ talents being realised and recognised over the year, culminating in displays of their work in Arts Week.

Students have a one hour specialist art session each week. Class teachers have access to the art room three days weekly to follow up their own art sessions. The Art Program follows a sequential skills based program concentrating on the Elements of Art – Line, shapes and colour to make and create patterns and artworks.

Teaching in Visual Arts at Yarra follows this spiral model in which the same concepts, processes and strategies are dealt with in increasingly complex ways as students develop their skills and creativity.

Over the year students will be exposed to drawing, 2D and 3D artworks in a variety of media such as:

  • painting
  • coloured drawing media
  • collage
  • mixed media
  • printmaking
  • textiles
  • ceramics
  • sculpture
  • 3D construction

In first term the students have used a variety of media to explore what they can do with these elements to make patterns and drawings. The media used are oil pastels, 2B pencils, ink, pens, paint, and crayons on cartridge and cover paper.

Expected outcomes of the Yarra Primary School Art Program are:
    •    To develop the students ability to make and appreciate art
    •    To develop students competence in the use of tools and equipment related to art
    •    To promote creativity and imagination
    •    To encourage self-expression and individuality
    •    To provide activities that allow students to manipulate, construct and experiment with materials
    •    To provide activities which enable students to build on existing skills and learn new skills
    •    That students gain an appreciation and developing competence in the use of colour, texture, shape, line, size, tone and perspective.

Students work is regularly, and proudly, displayed both in the Artroom and around the school.


An exhilarating time for teachers, students and the community to get together and celebrate the extremely talented students of Yarra Primary School.

The Classroom teachers work, with the children, on special Visual Arts projects to be displayed in Art’s Week. These are associated with their Integrated Topics.

Senior Students develop their own ideas for artistic creations during specialist art sessions. They are helped and guided by the specialist Art teacher and any other talented mentors who may like to help. This sometimes involves a visiting artist in residence.

Arts Week 2012, the children did a variety of workshops in:

  • cartooning
  • writing
  • dancing
  • drama
  • drawing
  • percussion 

During Arts Week, the children showcase their interests and talents in visual and performing arts, involving the whole community in the process. In the past, for a finalé act, we have been entertained by The Big Samba from Nexus Arts Project. Our next Arts Week in 2014 promises to be even bigger and better.

All are welcome to come and share in this celebration of the Arts.