Yoga at YPS

Yoga at Yarra Primary

Yarra Primary is very excited about the opportunity of providing yoga to our students as part of the Asian Studies Program.

Yoga originated in India between 400-200BC. Yoga is a great way to integrate something which originated within another culture but has been brought to western countries like Australia. Adults and children alike have benefitted from yoga.

The yoga classes are conducted by trained yoga instructors from Yogabean Kids, enhancing the students in the areas of:

  • balance, posture, flexibility and strength
  • awareness of self physically, mentally and emotionally
  • connection with our self and our community
  • knowledge and understanding, building confidence and independence

The yoga program assists in cultivating a strong and balanced individual and enhances the students' ability to concentrate.

What to wear

As the children will be moving around a lot, they are asked to be in comfortable clothing as they would do so for PE.

Asanas (postures)

A sequence of yoga postures are taught to the students and are outlined below. Breathing techniques are integrated into each session.

Supine or lying down postures and seated postures

  • Butterfly pose
  • Seated in easy cross legs
  • Forward and side bends
  • Childs pose
  • Dog and cat pose
  • Cow and eagle pose
  • Boat pose
  • Rock the baby pose
  • Happy baby pose
  • Lions pose
  • Twisting poses

Standing poses

  • Mountain pose
  • Salute to the sun - a series of flowing postures that increase stamina and flexibility
  • Triangle pose
  • Warrior 1-3
  • Half moon pose
  • Tree pose
  • Dancing warrior pose
  • King pigeon pose
  • Cobra
  • Locust


  • Relaxation pose

10 good reasons why our students do yoga:

  1. Maintains flexibility and strengthens growing bodies
  2. Enhances concentration
  3. Increases self-esteem
  4. Teaches present moment awareness
  5. Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind
  6. Gives tools for stress management
  7. Sparks creativity in ripe imaginations
  8. Encourages kind peer and social interactions
  9. Enhances body awareness
  10. Teaches discipline and responsibility


Yoga - dog pose