Preparing for School

Your child’s first day at school is the beginning of a great adventure. So start preparing them now.

  • Bring your child to play in the grounds on the weekend and during school holidays to familiarise themselves with the outdoor school yard.
  • Get them to look forward to this great event as a part of the process of growing up.
  • Talk to your child about school and what will happen there – meeting new friends, playing games, singing, learning to read and write about all sorts of things.
  • Give your child simple tasks around the house to foster confidence in their own ability.
  • Practice having a “lunchbox” lunch.

Make sure your child:

  • Is accustomed to spending time away from you
  • Is aware to ask for help when it is needed
  • Can use a public toilet and wash and dry hands unaided
  • Can recognise his/her name
  • Knows how to use a handkerchief and to always have one
  • Can take off and put on outer clothing unaided.

Encourage your child:

  • To put away play things and materials after using them
  • To eat their lunch from a lunchbox and know the order in which to eat their food
  • To take turns, be patient and share with other children
  • To speak politely.