Our Staff

The staff at our school, both teaching and non-teaching, are experienced, enthusiastic, and highly skilled. They are firmly committed to the provision of an exciting and effective education which caters for the needs of the children and encourages individual excellence. We invite parents and carers to feel free to speak to their child’s teacher, their Junior/Senior School Coordinator, or the School Principal regarding their child’s education, or any other matter affecting their school life.

Acting Principal


Valetta McDonald

Acting Principal

Classroom Teachers


Emma Hopkins

Prep A

Rachel Tan

Grade 1/2A

Sam Fenton

Grade 1/2B

Laura Harris

Grade 1/2C

Nathan Fitzgerald

Grade 1/2D

Cynthia Gomez

Grade 3/4A

Emily Tangney

Grade 3/4B

Daniel McGowan

Grade 3/4C

Kiara Streeter

Grade 5/6A

Annabel Blunden

Grade 5/6B

Henry Hartley

Grade 5/6C



Skylah Sutherland


Jo Dalton

Performing Arts
Tomomi Okazaki

Tomomi Okazaki


Justine Moore


James Walsh


Elise Carlson

Classroom Teacher

Education Support


Traceymarie Bull

Business Manager

Leanne Kennedy

Administrative Assistant

Sophie McDonagh

Integration Aide